Where the light shines!


We are so blessed that God is leading Single Parents to us.  We hope that you will share in his love and donate.  Once the parents have completed their 40 days and 40 nights of humility we will work with them to keep their eyes on Jesus as they walk the path God has chosen for them.

For more information about us go to

Acting Out For Love Corp.

‘Tis The Season


It’s October 1st and I am hoping to have a glorious Christmas for some Single Parents of Acting Out For Love Corp.  As the end of the year draws near think of us as one your non-profit organizations to donate to.  There are many single parents that need help emotionally, financially, and spiritually.

You can send your donations to:

Acting Out For Love Corp.

PO Box 1684

Southaven, MS 38671

To receive a donation receipt please include your email address with your donation.

The Fog

the fog

It  was stated today that “Life begins outside my comfort zone.”  It is true.  This blog and my latest book “Closer to The One” is proof.  I would not be able to be so intimate with the world if it wasn’t for my total surrender to the Lord and renewing of this faith everyday.

Each morning and night I take time to talk it out, pray, and read scripture.  When I am troubled the bible is my go to book for comfort.  I look up the word in the back of the bible that best describes my most troubling feeling and I read the scripture referenced.

I was in a bit of a fog today with all of the recent changes and new obligations God has pressed upon my heart to make.  I am starting my nonprofit after many years of contemplation and my main focus will be “Single Parent Families”.  As a single parent myself it is can be difficult and lonely especially if you do not have the finances or the support you need.  With the new path that has been set before me I am also going to start taking classes focusing on pastoral life coaching which will better equip me for helping others.

As I build my home and business to help others I have fears of my own.  I fear of never finding the one God made for me, I fear of never being able to have more children, and I fear of failing my daughter and myself.   With the fears stated aloud and outside my comfort zone I know that God is GOOD and I should not fear.  This is why I renew my mind and surrender these fears to the Lord everyday.  I am human so therefore I will be weak, make mistakes, and have fears and doubts.

I do not want to be just another face in the crowd.  I want to do God’s will and leave a legacy of greatness for his glory.  How will this come about? Only God knows.

The Fog may come and go with everyday life challenges but have no fear GOD is always near.