Oh boy, oh boy, Change!!


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Today, I awoke with the sense of more changes are coming.  I was reading in Jeremiah about the battle of Babylon and the destruction of the city because of their sin.  God’s wrath has been raised and he says its time to change their ways.  The wicked will be destroyed and the city walls will be burned down; no man will be left standing in the city for his sin has run his life into the grave.

Change is not always good but it can be great.  God takes the bad of the changes in our lives and uses them for the greater good.  That is why we are to thank him for all things good and bad, tears and joy.

The best thing about change is that you rarely know when it is coming.  I may feel like more change is coming but I do not know exactly what it is.  I have been working hard to balance my life and my budget but boy oh boy do I get the hiccups.  What do you do when you know it’s time for a change?

When I need an environment change but can’t always leave town I clean and declutter which is great when your mad or sad too.  You really clean by moving furniture into new spots of the rooms if possible so that when you go to sit or lay down you get a whole new perspective as you enjoy the cleanliness and newness of your hard work. Try it!