Taking the Fall


The Falls in life can be many things from love to self-sacrifice.  With the falls I have taken I wouldn’t change a thing because it has led me to this very post. God is good and has not forgotten me.

“Falls Cabin” was a dream made into reality by a great baby brother and good friends.  It didn’t turn out to be a blockbuster but it was a great learning experience that will help me on my next venture with my Christian film project “Closer to The One”.

I hope you will check out my first film on amazon Falls Cabin.

Letters to God

Letters to God

Photo from the movie “Letters to God”

It’s funny how God picks movies for me at just the right moment.  We do not know why God chooses things in our life to happen or not happen but God is good.  This movie is one that you should take time to see.

Each letter in these sentences was inspired the moment the ending credits hit of the wonderful movie “Lettes to God”.  I love what I do and what God is guiding me to do and I hope to make a powerful lovely film like this one, for you one day.  But until that day, he has many wonderful and talented people already sharing his truth through his creativity.

God bless!


FALLS CABIN POSTER promotional clip image

Before I surrendered my life to Christ I was determined to do everything on my own; I had little trust for others and especially in the entertainment world of business.  I was determined to write, produce, and act in my first movie which I wanted it to be a feature but turned out to be a short film.  It was a great learning experience and the demise of my old self, giving birth to the NEW me the one GOD wanted me to be.

It is a good short film that some very good local actors and fellow producers and co-director help me accomplish. Without their patience this would not have been successful.

It was meant to be a scary dramatic film with blood in it but God got a hold of me and so there is just enough evidence to let one know what is implied.  The outtakes are my favorite which are at the end of the movie and film credits.

I hope you will take 30 minutes and watch it today.

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