My Heart is in Your Hands

left my heart in Gods hands

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Psalm 25:14(LB)

Friendship with God is reserved for those who reverence him.  With them alone he shares the secrets of his promises.

In the past I was never one to trust many people or have faith in them.  Before I surrendered my life to Christ he was more of a baby in a manger and human than the Son of God.  The reason because he was in the form of a human.

Humans hurt humans and after many years of dishonesty, betrayal, pain, and sadness we as humans become guarded sometimes so guarded that our hearts are blinded and we don’t see the blessings God puts in our lives.

Now that God has shown me his truth and who I was made to be; even in my darkest hour I can seek him in prayer and find hope.  Remember your heart belongs to God so offer it up to him daily and see how it grows.