Bare Necessities of Family Ties

John 15:5  Jesus said, “I am the vine, and you are the branches.” 

Romans 12:5 Christ makes us one body… connected to each other.

Family is one gift that many have but take for granted.  It is only when God shows us those children and adults that do not have anyone to love them, that we realize how blessed we are.  Life without love is no life at all.  You might as well be dead if you choose not love.  God gave you life to love him first and love others as he loves you.

We all make choices for our careers and hobbies and if we are lucky our career is something in life that we are passionate about.  We work hard, maybe go back to school for more guidance and wisdom, have children, and plan our retirement and in between these things we often forget the sole reason we worry about making money and advancing in life.  The sole purpose of work is to be able to afford things like a home, car, food, and clothing for our family which are “The bare necessities” of life and the most important one is love.

Your first fruit of the day should be love.