For the Love of God


I am Pleased to announce that Acting Out For Love Corp is established and waiting for the official letter stating the 501(a)3 tax exemption status.  As we wait for this important moment for our non-profit organization, it is important to get the foundation set and firm with the help of my book “Closer to The One” which tells the story of how God led me to this very moment.

With the purchase of the book either paperback or kindle I can use the money to help invest in the organization and start helping the single parent families.

Please go to today and download the kindle copy for .99 cents or purchase the paperback and get the kindle copy for free.

We thank you for your support and the single parent families thank you as well.

Grant me a Godly Foundation

godly foundation

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We are currently seeking grants to give us a firm foundation to serve the single parent families.  I have applied for several already but it doesn’t mean we will get the grant.  There are many looking for help to serve the Lord in the world that require funds that we may not have up front to give.

With your help finding the right Grant may be possible.  Please email me at or comment on this post if you know of a grant for our cause which is to help the single parent families with a fresh start in life with a Godly foundation.

He’s Got This!


The past few days God has shown me that where I belong is in his hands.  He’s got this!  I am officially a non-profit organization helping Single parents with a fresh start in life.

I can start receiving donations and grants to help others and it feels great.  Now is the difficult part of gaining the trust and faith of others through donations to keep us alive.  I hope you will be one of them!

God will take care of all our needs so I know he will speak to the hearts of those whom are meant to reach out to donate and spread the word about our great cause.

Isaiah 49;15-16 See! I will not forget you, I have carved you on the palm of my hands, your walls are ever before me.