New Beginning of a Fresh Start


When you are ready for a fresh start in life you clean house and that means your internal lifeĀ (body, mind, and soul) and external lifeĀ (your environment and people you spend time with).

To make changes in the right direction it is important to do 3 things:

  1. Write a Life Purpose Statement and read it daily.
    1. This summarizes God’s purpose for your life.
    2. It points the direction of your life.
    3. It’s a statement that defines success for you.
    4. It clarifies your roles in life.
    5. It expresses your SHAPE; the way God made you. (Warren, 2004, pp.286-288)
      1. (
  2. Be willing to change.
  3. Try new things.
After establishing your statement and embarking on change and new things remember not to do too much at one time. If you are trying to keep yourself busy to keep your mind off of being alone or loneliness I encourage you to find peace through daily prayer and understanding the solitude will help find inner peace. Don’t become a recluse but don’t overwhelm yourself of too many tasks that you can not focus on the healing and finding inner peace with Jesus Christ as your center.
Warren, R., (2004). Daily inspiration for the purpose driven life. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan.