Passionate Purpose


Today’s morning was filled with knowledge ready to be applied.  My overbearing brain was telling me to get up and so I did.  God has a plan for us but it is not always pleasant for us.  When we go through change we fill loss and pain of some degree. But with pain we also grow through Jesus Christ.  We become more Christ-like and sharpen God’s purpose for us.  Our purpose in life is something we are most passionate about when it is used to Glorify God.

Where you are today is where God wants you to be.  You only need to be still and listen for his instruction.  Know that God loves you and he will never leave you.  Live each day to the fullest and be in the moment.  Make Goals each day and tackle the more important and difficult tasks first.  Make a checklist for your daily routine and goals and at the end of the day you will be filled with God’s love and peace.  You get one gift of life on this earth so don’t waste it.  Thank our Lord Jesus Christ for his sacrifice, serve, and love others as he loves us.

Having a daily devotional time with the Lord and reading his word is where you will find your purpose.  One of my favorite inspirational books for defining, and growing in your purpose is a book called “A Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren.   This book helped me sharpen my passions to glorify God and live more for him and less for me.  If you read these books you will find the answers you are seeking.

The Dream Giver

Marc Chagall

Making dreams come true is a blessing for both the dreamer and the grantor.  I believe we are all both. We all have dreams that we strive to achieve and for most of us we enjoy giving back to those whom are less fortunate or who just need a little help.  

Rewarding others by blessing them the way you want to be blessed is a great thing.  I need your help to make me more of both.  The more books I sell the more people I can help.  I long to finish my next book and produce a christian based film that will rock this planet and make more believers.  

If you take the time to download one of my books or buy a hard copy you will help my dreams come true a lot faster. 

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