What have I done?

What do you do with days like today when you do not feel well emotionally, mentally, and spiritually and the common cold is trying to make its way into your life to stop you in your tracks just when you plan to tackle some big issues?  God see’s my goals but he determines my steps.  As my weakness tries to overcome me I stop and pray to not only accomplish my responsibilities but to do so if it is God’s will.

Days like today when you think of the one’s you have loved and where they are today.  What have I done? I didn’t get married again and have more children as of today, but the Lord had greater things for me to do.  I have written and published books (https://smile.amazon.com/Stacey-A.-Robinson/e/B01N1T6489/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0) ,scripts, and made small projects come alive.  I started a nonprofit (www.actingoutforlove.com) to help single parents like me get a fresh start, I continue to work on my masters to further my career with a great company (FedEx.com) that I was blessed to start working for and most importantly I have learned how to have more balance in my life and give my daughter the attention and love she deserves.

So, when you have bad days and wonder where you are going just remember where you are and how far God has brought you.