Girl Meets World Writers

girl meets world

My daughter Sela loves to watch “Girl Meets World” show and frankly I do too.  The writers of this show are great.  Their comedy and life lessons are good and clean not filled with unnecessary vulgar.  It’s more real than many shows on television today.  Sela and I watched Icarly in the past and we still enjoy the reruns. Icarly is where I learned to make my famous Spaghetti tacos that we love.

I want to encourage moms and dads to watch more clean shows that teach about life with their children.  Although I encourage more reading than watching TV it is still nice to just sit and enjoy a show with your kids from time to time especially Saturday mornings.  That was huge for my family as a kid.  A big breakfast and Saturday morning cartoons or other favorite shows.

I love to write so as a writer the writers of this show inspire me to keep do what I am passionate about because like them I know I am making a difference. God is great and his plan although not always what we want; it is what we need to be great for his will.

God Bless!

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