Overhaul Your Life


photo by chicagonow

When you feel trapped and in a rut it is time to do an overhaul; Change.  This feeling of being trapped or in a rut is Gods way of saying, “Change and walk with me.”  This task doesn’t have to be too difficult; you only need to make the decision to follow the Lord and he will give you the strength and the means for change.

The overhaul starts within and then carries outward as the Lord removes the blinders in your life and shows you the right way to live.

How can you overhaul yourself? -surrender to the Lord and read his word.

How can you change your environment? Get rid of the evil and bad influences  in your life starting with what you watch or read.  Garbage in Garbage out; beautiful and wise in; beautiful and wise out.  The best way to start training yourself if kids shouldn’t watch it; you shouldn’t watch it or stop at PG-13 ratings for awhile.

Be careful who you hang out with.  If you hang out with people who are bad you will end up doing something bad too.  It’s ok to take time for yourself and not hangout with others while you better your life. Tell them that God is overhauling your life and even tell them what you are doing so that you share Gods love with them and maybe they can help as they do the same with their life.

The room that you spend most of your time in gets the first overhaul.

  • Clean the walls with soap and water.
  • Move the furniture around so you can clean under everything and around the baseboards.
  • Keep the air in your house clean with an air cleaner.
  • Dust first and then vacuum.
  • Open the windows to allow fresh air to come in the house when you are cleaning.

Make a spot outside in your backyard to sit with a small table and a few chairs to enjoy a cup of coffee.  This should be so inviting that you can’t wait for the cup of coffee. You can put a space heater outside in the winter and a fan for the summer heat. (Smokers should only smoke outside and use this area to enjoy their vice)

Cleaning tips and Checklist


Type in Overhaul your on smile.amazon.com (don’t forget to choose Acting Out For Love as your charity of choice) and see what great books are available.







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