The Mountain Top


“While you have the light, believe in the light…(John 12:36)

You know the moment where you feel you can take on the world and God gives you a piece of his plan for you to accomplish; that’s always a great moment.  You get that gleam in your eye and say “Yes Lord that’s what I’ll do.”  It’s a great feeling, the best feeling, and I know it because this is one of those moments where he says “Write about this.”  For it is a great sense of accomplishment to write for the Lord and share with you his truth because it brings glory to God.

There are days when I sit and he doesn’t give me anything to write he just wants me to continue the work from those mountain top feelings.   So I don’t always write something down to post but I do always strive to live his word. In order to live for the Lord you must renew your mind daily and seek him first; this  is the only way to keep your eye on the Lord and that mountain top feeling.

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