Hey Fool its your Wake-up call!


We can only play the fool for so long before God gives us the wake-up call.  Gods phone for you will ring and you will pickup to hear “Now that I have your attention are you willing to listen?”  If you are humble you will say “Yes Lord. I need you. Please help me.” if  you are bitter you will yell at him and say “Where have you been? How could you let this happen? What did I ever do to you?” and God will say to both “I am always caling you but you didn’t answer until now.”

I feel like I get a wake-up call every so often as I grow closer to the Lord.  Even though I pray everyday my mind will stray and I will try to handle life on my own. I hear Jesus say “Stacey where are you going?” and I say “nowhere because I took my eyes off you.  Lead me Lord. Help me to always seek you first for everything.”

A woman especially this woman doesn’t want to be apart of a harem.  A woman needs to be treated as if she is the only woman in the world that a man wants to spend time with.  The take it or leave attitude is neither good nor flattering.  If a man or woman wants to know how to play the game of love you need only look to the Bible in Solomon’s Songs of Songs.  This book will get you to the one God has for you.

God is calling you so pick up the phone and listen.

Photo image by: www.maryannreflects.com

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