So here we are once again… It’s almost New Years Eve 2015.  Everyone in the world is thinking about how, where, and who are they are going to share this time with even me.

I am grateful for the great accomplishments of this year.  Classes I have taken, script and manuscript created, our Nonprofit organization “Acting Out For Love Corp.”, friendships, growth in Christ and completed house projects.  These are just a few big things but I am mostly grateful for all the little things that are too many to name.  I am grateful for my daughter Sela and her accomplishments.

As I battle the non-sexy cold with the usual supplies I realized that sexy is not what we do; it is who we are inside.  Sexy is Godly and pure.  I may not feel sexy or desirable with a cold but as I laugh at myself with humility I realize God is showing me that as I learn to be the one for the one, the one who is he is putting in motion the one who is he for me.

The New Year of 2016 will start out bold; I have Gods list for me and he tweak’s it everyday.  Life is so precious and short.  In my daily prayer I pray to take time for the important things like my daughter, other family, and friends.  Life means nothing without love.  Money is only money but love is everything.

Psalm 116

I love the Lord, for he heard my voice; he heard my cry for mercy.  Because he turned his ear to me, I will call on him as long as I live.

So You Think You Know Me

Stacey A. Robinson Carwile

closer to the one front

My story!

We all assume a lot in life; about people, places, things, or what’s going to happen next.  The best way to know someone is to share your story.  When you share your story with others you share life and give life to someone else’s story.

Share your story with God’s truth.

“Your lives are echoing the Master’s Word …. The news of your faith in God is out. We don’t even have to say anything anymore — you’re the message!”

(1 Thessalonians 1:8 MSG)

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Stacey A. Robinson Carwile

FALLS CABIN POSTER promotional clip image

Before I surrendered my life to Christ I was determined to do everything on my own; I had little trust for others and especially in the entertainment world of business.  I was determined to write, produce, and act in my first movie which I wanted it to be a feature but turned out to be a short film.  It was a great learning experience and the demise of my old self, giving birth to the NEW me the one GOD wanted me to be.

It is a good short film that some very good local actors and fellow producers and co-director help me accomplish. Without their patience this would not have been successful.

It was meant to be a scary dramatic film with blood in it but God got a hold of me and so there is just enough evidence to let one know what is implied.  The outtakes are…

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Grant me a Godly Foundation

Stacey A. Robinson Carwile

godly foundation

Photo by thevineyardchurch.com

We are currently seeking grants to give us a firm foundation to serve the single parent families.  I have applied for several already but it doesn’t mean we will get the grant.  There are many looking for help to serve the Lord in the world that require funds that we may not have up front to give.

With your help finding the right Grant may be possible.  Please email me at actingoutforlove@gmail.com or comment on this post if you know of a grant for our cause which is to help the single parent families with a fresh start in life with a Godly foundation.

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