REVELATION: Chimp or Champ?

see hear speak no evil

Psalm 51:7 (The message) 

What you’re after is the truth from the inside out.

In life if you do not tell the truth you become part of the lie.  One chimp knows that if he is not seen then his identity is safe, another chimp believes that if he doesn’t hear the harm he has caused his true identity will be safe, and the last chimp knows that his voice will reveal the truth that has been hidden by many.

Sometimes we try so hard to protect what so many people have already hurt: our hearts.  The fear of being hurt can paralyze us to the point of not living.  With all the killing and death in this world It makes me wonder why we don’t fight harder to be with the ones we love.

A champ is one whom fights to win and a chimp is an animal that very few people can communicate with. God gave us life to live for his glory and to be the guardian over all the animals; not to act like one.  Are you a Chimp or a Champ?

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