God’s Not Dead

Gods not dead

Photo from the movie “God’s Not Dead”

As I sat and ate like a Queen for dinner (Grilled Filet and shrimp) with Ginger ale I was enthralled with this movie “God’s Not Dead”.   I had originally planned to watch King Kong but I saw this and said “I haven’t seen it.”   I sat here alone in the wonderful home God has blessed with me feeling so many different things.  Upset one minute because I am without my true love but in the next moment I know God is teaching me something from this good movie that glorifies his name.

It covers a lot of different aspects of life and had me bawling like a baby.  The Atheist Professor (whom is one my favorite handsome actors) is so angry with God because he felt that God took everything from him.  He lost everyone he ever loved so he kept others at a distance even his girlfriend whom he really loved.  He ended up losing her anyway because he turned his back on Jesus and God and because of his anger against the Lord she left him anyway.  Her faith and love for our Lord Jesus Christ and God our father was greater than anything else in this world.

The young student whom took on the debate with the atheist Professor to prove that it is our choice “Free will” to believe was amazing and all the students whom listened and received God’s love and took a stand in the classroom to say “God’s not dead.”

I don’t want to ruin the movie for those whom have not seen it but God wins over the evil ways in this movie.

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