The Dream Giver

Marc Chagall

Making dreams come true is a blessing for both the dreamer and the grantor.  I believe we are all both. We all have dreams that we strive to achieve and for most of us we enjoy giving back to those whom are less fortunate or who just need a little help.  

Rewarding others by blessing them the way you want to be blessed is a great thing.  I need your help to make me more of both.  The more books I sell the more people I can help.  I long to finish my next book and produce a christian based film that will rock this planet and make more believers.  

If you take the time to download one of my books or buy a hard copy you will help my dreams come true a lot faster. 

Click on the amazon link to the right and then type in my book “Closer to The One” or “Red One Man Made”.

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